1. transcreation

imagine if someone said ‘one two ka four’ is the same as ‘ek do ka chaar’ or ‘the apple of my eye’ is translated to ‘meri aankh ka seb’. infuriating, right? at lingo, we make sure such a blasphemy never happens when your content is adapted for your native audience. 

voice co-ordination

can you imagine if ‘rishte me hum tumhare baap lagte hien’ was said by rajpal yadav and not amitabh bhachan. wouldn’t the line just lose its gravitas? we will never let that happen to your scripts. we match your script with the right voice talent so that every note hits perfectly! 

3. radio production

from the iconic background of spiderman’s spidey senses to the circle of life in the lion king, sound elevates the scene! we help you elevate your content to leave an imprint on your audience. 


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